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How Do I Make Money with my Website?

We see lots of websites on the internet that have been created professionally and competently by a website design company who also do a bit of technical search engine optimisation (SEO) work.

The site is built, put together, posted onto the internet, fully optimised and ready to go and then everyone concerned sits back and waits for the traffic to flow in.

Usually such sites end up with a Google page ranking of some sort, but for most of their key words will never be seen again by anyone except somebody searching for their particular company site.

This is essentially why you need to consider using Search Engine Optimisation Services on an ongoing basis over at least 12 months.

Here at SEO Bus Stop, we offer a service that does not just start and stop in a matter of weeks. We offer an ongoing service, which goes on for a considerable time if you want it to. We can also help you make money with your website through advertising opportunities, affiliate programmes and many more effective money making schemes.

We charge a monthly fee which means that your website is continually looked at, and we add to your web presence. It is the web presence that will launch you up the charts and get you traffic, not the search engine optimisation and the web design on its own unless you are very, very lucky. There is so much competition for most key words on the internet now that if is important to be constantly looking at the ‘net, assessing traffic levels and also seeing what your competitors are doing.

If we take the example of a delicatessen in a market town in north Wales. They have a website built, which looks very good, and also includes an online shop. Some of the website does not actually work but overall, if you visited the website, you would be fairly impressed by the service they offer and think them to be of very good quality and offering a high standard of product.

However, their site has obviously been optimised by the web designer and then just left, because even if you type in local key words it does not come up on Google. The company has no internet presence at all hardly and does not even compete in the market for the terms “online deli” or “online delicatessen” or “fine food ordering” or “speciality meats”, etcetera, etcetera.

When you look at their competitors at the top of the market, they have optimised sites, but more importantly, they have internet presence. This is why they are at the top and I would imagine that they are generating business off the back of it.

The way SEO Bus Stop would work with the deli would be to offer them an ongoing service for a minimum of 12 months. This would enable them to establish an internet presence, build up their links across the web and start getting the website noticed and generating traffic. We would do this by constantly communicating with other sites and directories and making sure that the website is there to be seen.

Unlike other SEO's online, we do not use automatic services, and everything is done by hand. Although automatic services can play a very minor part in promoting a website, on the whole they simply cause no effect at all to the website as they are not adding any benefit to either the search engine spiders (the robots that come and check your site out) or to human visitors.

We source places to locate your links with other sites and we promote your site across the web. Not only that, but we can also tie in with offline campaigns like mail shots and journals etcetera. The deli needs to establish itself as an expert online, and also as a known brand amongst internet users. The only way to do this is to get out there and do some hard work at promoting the site across lots of sites and sources.

SEO Bus Stop can do this. The prices start at £20 a month for a very small start up enterprise, including free web hosting, going up to £9,000 a month for a large company wanting to dominate a market.


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