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Marketing does not need to be expensive. Some of the best marketing is done for no cost at all. Have a think about recent articles you have read in the paper that include quotes from commentators or companies on certain situations. In particular, research commissioned by companies into activities linked to their firm.

Have a think about when you search online for products or services, and the way that you find information out. How many times have you clicked on a link to find somebody expressing an opinion on something and then you click that link to find that it goes to a product. How many times have you clicked on a link on Google’s pages one and two and gone through to a website that links you to another website and it is there that you find the information that you want.

All of this marketing is done at a very low cost basis. It is not simply a question of putting an advert in your newspaper, hoping for a response, or placing advertising in trade journals and expecting customers to pour in. It is steady and consistent building of a brand. Although it takes time, it also takes expertise and it is possible to get this expertise by contacting who will be delighted to assist.


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