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Page Flake – a new sensation? is a new social networking site with a bit of a twist that makes it stand out. Firstly, it appears at present to have a Google page ranking of 7. This applies to any pages that are created within it. Secondly, it enables users to basically create their own website by clicking a few buttons and choosing modules to put on it.

For SEO work, this is pretty good in that you can set up a site, call the page heading whatever you wish and watch it get listed on Google within a matter of hours due to the page ranking. I did a quick experiment and set up a site for legal recruitment and sure enough, within three hours, Google had listed it and all my links were up and running to various pages. As long as the page ranking remains at 7 and does not drop, this could be a bit of a phenomenon, I think. Lots of people are going to catch on to the idea and be able to set up pages pretty quickly. It is different to Linked In & Facebook and all the others in that it appears to actually have functions that work and that are selectable so if you do not want a certain module on your page, you do not need to include it and there are lots more modules being developed. It is also different to a blog spot or one of the other blog programmes such as Wordpress in that you can immediately set this up without any coding at all, which means that it is available to the masses, as opposed to just web designers like the others.

Some of the modules that are included to choose from include news, games, quizzes, music, international plots, email running live on the page, notebooks and notepads and task managers. It is in effect a mini computer all on one site so you can access things whilst on the move without any cost at all.

I think as a website it will function for as long as Google place a heavy page ranking on it, but if it loses its page ranking I suspect it will no longer be very useful to anybody.


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