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Automated search engine optimisation – a waste of time?

At Chester web marketing we only do manual SEO work. There are no automated processes that submit websites to hundreds of directories every 10 seconds, or create blog entries using computer programmes. There is no point anymore because Google has got too intelligent and tracks this sort of activity fairly easily.

The only way to move a website forward in the current markets and with the increased competition that will get more so over the coming years is to have a company working on your site and with your company to identify niche keywords and to heavily promote your site using them. The only way you do this is with human beings, and particularly if you are based in the UK you need UK SEO consultants. PR, marketing, social networking and general marketing are the key to online success.

You can try out automatic services and see what happens. Maybe it will have a small effect for a few months and you see your site go up the charts slightly, but once you have got up the charts slightly, that will probably be about as far as it goes with little else in the longer term.

There are a lot of commentators out there who differentiate between websites being actively marketed and carefully orchestrated campaigns being in place and websites that have just been very, very lucky and managed to get to the top through quirks in the google algorithms.

Have a look at the Google algorithm - it is very interesting as it seems to have got more and more complex as time has gone on.

Although very few who understand it, it is available on Google site to have a look at. Most of it is probably completely meaningless although there are diagrams on the web showing what effect good links have and how important this particular aspect of SEO work is. Automated programmes will not get you good links, contacting each website directly to ask for them take stime.

An example of finding links simply to investigate both your competitors and high ranking sites in similar fields and see which sites have links to your competitors. You can then try and get your own site listed - often easier said than done because quite a lot of sites have links from websites where you have to earn your link - eg a BBC news website - and this can be hard to do.

In summary automated SEO work can be a complete waste of time, and it is important realise that although a manual SEO service costs more, it will certainly have more effect for you than the automated service. .


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