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Why is there a variation in SEO pricing? Why is there such a large difference in pricing for SEO services?

SEO work has a very broad spectrum. At the one end you can pay less than £120 for a year and have your website submitted to directories and search engines every month over a period of twelve months. At the same time reports will be produced about your website outlining how to improve it and what exactly to do and what your competitors are doing.

However this service no longer has much effect at all.

One of the Google executives was reported recently as saying the internet was like a cesspit and full of completely untrue information (Matt Cutts, 2009). He spoke strongly about the need to identify services or information as opposed to simply clicking onto websites. He almost hinted at google not taking much notice any more of the contents of a domain name and instead looking at links to a brand name for credibility.

Directory entries are no longer perhaps having the same sort of relevance as they used to. Recently it was also reported that Google are not going to take much notice any more of yahoo and DMOZ and instead were concentrating on links on other websites.

This all explains why there is a very wide difference in the various price structures of search engine optimization companies. To do SEO & web marketing work at present you need to be with a company who write blogs, issue press releases, try and get links from highly ranked sites, look at low cost marketing opportunities online, consider links from good quality sites and recognise directories with high level ranks and be completely aware of recent changes in social networking.

All of these things are not possible with a service costing £120 per year. You can pay anything for SEO work, but prices with SEO Bus Stop start at £399 and ongoing work from £20 + VAT per month. SEO & web marketing work is no longer a single operation lasting a few weeks. It is ongoing over a long period of time.

For example on our own sites we are constantly looking for new opportunities, links and articles as this is the only way really to keep online presence moving forwards. In summary you basically pay for what you get in web marketing.


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