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The Difference between Web Designers & SEO Experts

When companies get their website designed, the website designer will offer them SEO work as being included in the price. Is this worth having?

It is usually charged at something between £50 and £200 per month and the technical information which goes with such a quote would usually be that they will adjust the page to optimise it to maximum capacity and improve rankings.

This is fine in itself, but the difference between this sort of service and the service offered by search engine optimisation specialists is stark.

Search engine optimisation specialists will offer this service for a one-off fee, for a complete assessment of the whole site with analysis of entry points, web visitors and a look at the keywords on each page as well as the structure of each page.

Although this work is ongoing, it does not necessitate a fee every month of the sort of figure a web designer will charge in order to do it. A company would be better looking at a service such as hypersubmit from for a £120 a year than it would to look at the web designer's service. The reality is that the web designer would probably do exactly that – they will sign the company up for an automated service and this will net them rather a lot of profit if they are only paying £10 a month to the automated company on your behalf. There are even automated services that are provided by external companies that can be branded by the web designer to look like they are doing it for you whereas in reality it is simply a piece of software running somewhere overseas churning out directory submissions.

The difference between this and the search engine optimisations specialist work is that the latter look at your online presence. It is great to be optimised for search engines, but that is only a small part of the work that is done.

To get noticed on the internet you need more than just an optimised web site. You need information, a web site that does something so that people want to visit it. Whether this is interactivity or simply lots of information available in one place for people to look at, you need people to want to come to your website to get the ranking in the search engines.

SEO Bus Stop are web marketing specialists dealing with SEO and online promotion (sometimes called digital marketing, web marketing, social marketing or internet marketing).

We take a web site on for a period of time and have an initial meeting with you to determine the work that needs doing and to get to know the company before we prepare an initial technical and marketing plan then implement it as quickly as possible. The technical work is done on a one-off basis dealing with such issues as keyword placement, checking for meta tags, ensuring that google analytics is working and functioning well, checking current internet traffic and the sources of referral.

The ongoing work is the difficult bit and that entails searching for places where your potential clients can visit it and are going to want to look at you. Whether this is on online forums, directories, separate web sites, subdomains, blogs, it is to make sure that you are widely spread across the web.

In summary, this is the difference between search engine optimisation online (SEO) web marketers and basic web developers.


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